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How To Stop Stuttering: Tips To Overcome It

Stuttering is a speech disorder, In which a person or child is not able to speak fluently. Before we talk about “stop stuttering” let’s discuss it more. Stuttering usually affects firstborn male children (80% are male). A stutter knows what a person wants to say but cannot, for the moment. Research says that the disorder might be due to a “neurological mistiming” during the speech which leaves the stutter confused about when exactly to say the word he wants to say.

how to stop stuttering

Speak is not only involves the movement of the tongue but also fine coordination of both mental and physical processes. Speech is the result of neuromuscular coordination that involves the transmission of electrochemical messages from the brain to the muscle groups. Sometimes this neuromuscular system trips and fails during inadequate emotional control. For the stutter patient, this tripping occurs much more frequently than a normal person.

Ways To Overcome or Stop Stuttering


All stutters have periods of fluency when they are relaxed but under stress, they revert back to dysfluent speech. There are many pressure situations that might cause an increase in stuttering behavior like:

  • Answering in the class
  • Talking on the mobile phone
  • Speaking in a group
  • During a job interview
  • Talking to unknown, etc

There can be many pressure situations according to the person. You should find that problem and try not to think too much about that. Don’t take the stress, always try to relax in pressure situations that will always help stutter patients.


An unusual fact about stuttering is that even the severe stutter can sing fluently. This is because when a person sings a song, he knows the exact timing when to say the words and there is no other timing in his mind. However, In normal speech, we do not need that type of cues. A stutter patient’s speech becomes disoriented without these cues because of the wrong tuned-in neurological speech timing system.

They feel low and lose confidence when they see smirks on the listener’s faces. Stutter is a completely normal human being, good and bad is the rest of us because we judge them. They should never lose their confidence and try to speak confidently in daily living. Because If they do this, the condition will improve before they know.


Some psychiatrists prescribe tranquilizers because they think that relieving stress would help speech fluency. But such drugs usually complicate issues rather than solve them. These are strongly discouraging for the treatment of stuttering by most speech pathologists. That’s why follow the right guidance that will help you.

People think that hypnosis is a good option. But a few stutters who might become fluent by hypnosis, return back when out of hypnotic state. Rather than hypnosis or medicine follow yoga and meditation because they hold the key to solving the problem. By doing them, We develop better control over speech that helps in stuttering.


Stuttering is not a disease, It is like a habit therefore it cannot be treated by medicine. A stutter child or adult has to be ready to work daily to achieve speech fluency through the regular practice of therapeutic techniques. More fluent manner of speech through a reoriented program that helps to change his mental attitude towards the problem. So be patient, Do self-therapy daily.


When you talk to a stuttering person, you do something unintentionally that will discourage them which we don’t want. So these tips might help you with talking stutter:

  • Try to maintain eye contact
  • Don’t hurry the person talking and listen with patience
  • Listen carefully
  • Don’t assume the sentence when you are talking with them
  • When they are not able to speak use simplistic advice only( don’t worry, or don’t be afraid)

Stutters usually try and hide their speech problem from listeners. Due to this, they do not try to approach and camouflage themself. So they should not do this and always try to express themself.


Thank you for reading this far, Today we talk about how to stop stuttering and ways to overcome it. If you have any doubts regarding this, you can comment below or go on the “contact us” page.

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