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How To Get Rid Of Hangnails?

A little torn piece of skin that hangs around the nails is a Hangnails. Hangnails are no big deal until you catch them on something and really want to get rid of hangnails. Every time you use your hands a little pain reminds the presence of hangnails. You catch them on everything like your clothes, your hair, your pet, etc. This annoying split of skin is nothing more than dead skin. We get them because not having a good supply of oil means drying the skin.

how to get rid of hangnails

Hangnails are common who have their hand in the water a lot or bite their nails. The worst cases of hangnail occur in letter sorters. People who work with paper get terribly dry hands because the paper absorbs oils from their hands. They think that it’s an allergic reaction due to the ink paper but it’s just the effect of oil being removed from their skin.



“Don’t bite the hangnails” this advice is the same as what mothers say. If you bite them, you can end up with a fairly deep cut and those can get infected. Instead of biting you should rub an emollient cream or ointment on the affected finger and wrap it in plastic wrap. The plastic will keep the moisture. But just be sure to remove the plastic after some time because you don’t want to keep it on too long.


When you are nervous and have a tendency to pick at hangnails, be sure to wear clothes with pockets. You have to control it, Put one hand in each pocket until the urge passes. Pick the hangnails only worsen the condition. You should soak your hand in an oil and water solution as you would when getting a manicure, It is very helpful. A hangnail person can improve it if they soal with oil and water solution for 10 to 15 minutes.


You should have a habit to moisturize your cuticles every day. To prevent hangnails moisturizing is the best effective method. Rub hand lotion around your nails to keep the area soft. For a more soothing feeling, use warm water to moisturize. Some experts say by rubbing olive oil or safflower oil onto the cuticles helps to prevent hangnails.


If you have hangnails, clip them short and clip them early. You should not do major surgery on yourself just clip off the little tag of skin with sterilized scissors. Because if you don’t do this it will keep getting worse. But before you clip them soak them in water or oil-water solution. A lot of people do the mistake of clipping hangnails when they hard and end up ripping the skin.


Mostly hangnails are often around the cuticle and people use cuticle removing solutions to avoid them but that is not a good idea. Many of these products contain sodium hydroxide and this chemical can destroy skin tissue. So before using products always follow package instructions carefully. Because it is a cuticle after all that helps you by protecting the nails from harmful bacteria and fungi.

Hangnails seems to be innocent but if they infected, can lead to be a big problem

Thank you for reading this far, Today we talked about hangnails and how to get rid of hangnails. If you have any queries related to this post, you can comment below or go to the contact us page.

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