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Home Remedies For Chafing: How To Soothe Irritated Skin

Chafing is a skin problem due to friction, moisture, or irritating fabric. Mild, red rashes are developed by prolonged rubbing. It makes your skin sting, or burn. There are many home remedies for chafing that will help you and Today we will talk about them.

best home remedies for chafing

There can be many causes of chafing like:

  • You are athlete or doing more sports activity (means more chance of rubing the skin or cloth)
  • You are overweight
  • Breastfeeding
  • Use full clothes in a hot atmosphere
  • Diapers

There can be more reasons but when you developed chafing on a body part (common on thighs and buttocks) that rubs again each other or your cloth. Then What are the several things you can do? Let’s discuss them.



There are many doctors who pointed out that synthetic-blend shirt is the main reason for the rash problem. Wrestlers, Bicyclers face a lot of problems due to this. When athletes use 100 percent cotton shirts then the problem cleared up.


Be sure to wash your exercise clothes before you use them. This is said by experts because washing sometimes softens fabric enough to lessen abrasion. So you should always remember that If you are using the same clothes during exercises then it creates chafing.


People who have big thighs or are overweight, Which makes chafing create more likely. If they use elastic bandages around the portions of their legs that rub. It will really help them because bandages will shield the skin when thighs will rub and damage the skin. By wrapping the bandages rubbing will be fabric against the fabric.


If you are using pair of electric colored, stretchy fabric athletic tights or shorts then it may be ideal. Because they are snug, stretch and create no friction against the skin. So if you have chafing or do not want to face this then you should use this type of clothes.


When you are going to exercise and wearing clothes made of nylon or another fabric then be sure to wear cotton undies to separate the fabric from your delicate skin. There are many athletes that put on cotton underwear and put their supporters on top of that. So be sure to use cotton undies for chafing.


The coarser clothes in your outfits, the more likely it will create chafing. Experts say that “sometimes the best thing to do is just toss it out” means when you found something chafe then just toss throw the coarser cloth. Because it is creating chafing and you do not want that.


Some experts say that petroleum jelly between the thighs, around your toes, or under your arms means anywhere you chafe, it will act as a lubricant and glide the rubbing skin against itself. This is also a good home remedy for chafing but before using this, ask your doctor that can you use it or not.


Here is an old standby for chafing use talcum powder. It will work as a lubricant, just as petroleum jell does. Talcum powder helps the skin slip past other skin without catching and rubbing. If you do not like powdery bathroom floors then there is an easy application for this. Fold your talcum into the middle handkerchief and bind the edges together. Then, use the sack of powder and it will leave powder on you, not on the floor.


Overweight exercisers may find chafing a problem regularly until they lose girth. So, Switching sports while the skin heals is the best solution. If you have sore spots from walking then you can use a stationary bicycle. If bicycles create a problem try swimming. So changing sport can help you during chafing.

Your ignorance can lead to big problem so focus on chafing also


Thank you for reading this far, Today we discuss home remedies for chafing, If you have any doubts related to this, then comment below or go on the contact us page.

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