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Home Remedies For Athlete’s Foot: How To Beat It?

A fungal infection that mainly occurs between the toes is known as Athlete’s foot. Before moving on to the “Home remedies for athlete’s foot” let’s discuss more of it. Athlete’s foot is due to an organism that lives on the skin and breeds best under moist, warm conditions. Balmy climates also encourage its growth and sweaty footwear is the main culprit.

home remedies for athlete's foot

Once you got this infection, you will need at least 3 and 4 weeks to make headway against the savage case. But you should confirm that it is really an athlete’s foot. there are some cases in which that rash probably is not an athlete’s foot If:

  • It is on child foot then it is very rare.(A fungul infection on child foot below the age of puberty)
  • It is on the top of the toes then top of toes can probably some form of dematities caused by shoes material.
  • The foot is red, sore, swollen, blister, and oozing then that’s probably an acute form of dermatitis and you should contact a doctor.

An athlete’s foot condition really hindered us, It will return unless you concentrate and stump out that caused in the first place. So here are some tips on dealing with infection and ways to guard against the encore.



An athlete’s foot can come suddenly and is accompanied by oozing blisters, cracked skin, and a burning sensation. When you have this problem baby your foot. you should keep it uncovered and give constant rest, even if you have to stay home from household duties or work. Although inflammation is not dangerous, it can worsen and lead to infection so be careful.


Soak your foot in a mixture of salt and warm water. Do this process for 5 to 10 minutes at a time and repeat until the problem is solved. The saline solution helps in athlete’s foot condition because it provides an unappealing atmosphere for the fungus and lessens excess perspiration. Saline solution also softens the affected skin, so antifungal medication can penetrate deep and act more effectively.


For fungus on feet, especially between the toes then you should apply a baking soda paste. Take 1 tablespoon of baking soda and add this into a little lukewarm water. After this rub that on the fungus site, then rinse and dry thoroughly. You should finish off the treatment by dusting on cornstarch or powder.


When the acute phase of the problem has settled down then you need to remove any dead skin. Because it houses living fungi and can reflect you. At bath time, work on the foot with a scrub brush and pay extra attention to the space of toes. There is also another point if you scrub your feet in the bathtub, shower afterward to wash away. Any bits of skin that could attach can start an infection to other parts of the body.


Proper shoes mean avoiding both plastic shoes and footwear that keep water out. They trap perspiration and create a warm spot for fungus. During the infection wear only airy shoes. Experts say that natural materials such as cotton and leather create the best environment for feet and rubber, wool also induces sweating and holds moisture. So whenever possible like in summer, wear airy shoes such as sandals even you are not facing problems.


You should not wear the same shoes two days in a row. We can say that for shoes to dry out it can take at least 24 hours. So if your feet perspire heavily change shoes often. You can dust the insides of your shoes frequently with antifungal powder. It will help us to kill off any fungus spores living there. So, do this every time you take off your shoes.



Thank you for reading this far, Today our article was home remedies for athlete’s foot and we discuss a few pointers about that topic if you have any doubts regarding this. Then comment below or go on the contact us page.

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